Rowing my old 14 footer, MARTHA, slows me down and gets me looking at things on - and in - the water very differently.

Boats are my tripods…they support my cameras while on the water, and I’m able to position them precisely. For that reason, as a photographer I’ve never been much of a sailor, as sailboats embody too much “frigging with the rigging,” a lack of speed & control, and too many distractions for the sort of free association work I do. Aboard MARTHA I am definitely in the low and slow mode…“up close and personal.” Unfettered.

Off the south end of Indian Island lurks a constellation of ledges and submerged boulders into which only the smallest of boats dare venture, and it was there that I came upon this reflection, complete with a gem of a lighthouse. Just being alone, out rowing, already had me in a state of heightened awareness, a different plane of consciousness, and as I drifted over the submerged rocks I definitely went into that “other place” I go when moments like this occur. It was both dreamy and intense.

I hung over the transom, the lens only an inch or so from the water…the world was somewhere else and I dove into the dream.

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Meredith Ralston