In the summer of 2016 I had the trip of a lifetime; up the west coast of Greenland and then over into the high Canadian Arctic . . . the Northwest Passage. It was a trip of epic proportions aboard a friend’s extraordinary yacht, a privileged front-row seat in the most dramatic theater of rapid climate change on the planet.

While there, I was profoundly moved by the austere and severe beauty of the landscape, the wildlife, and by The People in the Inuit villages. Virtually every day we encountered undeniable indicators of climate change and those constitute the core of the message I have since been widely sharing.


A 6-minute Pecha Kucha presentation highlighting the major – and often unexpected – climate change indicators we saw. Wait till the brief spoken intro ends.


Climate change is obviously not a ‘hoax;’ the core questions we must all ask ourselves pertain to what extent are we actually culpable, as well as what we as a species can do about our contribution to it all.

To do nothing is unconscionable.

What I saw and otherwise experienced up there – all under the midnight sun – was, in a word, transformational.

I am offering eight limited edition images from this journey; all are in an edition of only 25 prints plus 5 artist proofs (AP’s), self printed on 17 x 22 inch rag paper. These prints are available starting at $650 and increasing as the editions sell through. I am pleased to make prints of any other of the Arctic images by special request. Special requests for larger (24 x 36 inch) prints can also be accommodated.


Arctic Observations 

The following are just a sampler of what we beheld up north. 
If you are interested in me presenting my Arctic Observations, please inquire.