Wyeth Prints

As has been noted elsewhere, I grew up with the Wyeth family as our closest neighbors. Over the years Betsy and Andy became family – second parents – to me, while Jamie and his wife are treasured friends as well.

The family’s love and influence shaped me in more ways than I can fully describe here. They gave me, among many other things, Maine. You can read about that here.

We offer four different types of work that come directly from my life with the Wyeths. I have long collected limited-edition prints by both Andy and Jamie and we now offer them through Ralston Gallery. They are, without exception and in a word, wondrous....and very limited. They are among my favorites from each artist and I am very pleased to offer them to you. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Original Wyeth Paintings

Over the years I have sold many original paintings by all three Wyeth artists, N.C., Andy and Jamie. If you are seriously interested in acquiring a Wyeth original, please contact me directly.

Andrew Wyeth Prints

I have collected these limited edition prints over nearly four decades. All are signed by Mr. Wyeth, with the exception of five which were released immediately after his death in 2009. Please note, the price of those five is considerably less than all the others.

Jamie Wyeth Prints

I have loved and collected Jamie’s limited edition prints for many years. All are signed by the artist. We can frequently locate hard-to-find, or sold out editions by request.

Wyeth Portraits by Peter Ralston

These portraits are my personal favorites from my last forty years with the Wyeth family. GET THE EXISTING LANGUAGE FROM THE PRICING SHEET IN HERE The images are available for purchase as fine prints, and may also be licensed for reproduction or appropriate other purposes. You will note that In His EyesBattleground and In the Studio are available as limited edition prints signed by Andrew Wyeth.