The Source

Terri was still asleep back in a friend’s home on Criehaven and I was out for an early morning walk with dog and camera. As I poked around the small harbor, I came upon this arrangement and immediately thought of love and faith, not to be at all confused with religion.

I believe that love and faith are the primary sources of goodness in this world…hence the title. Conversely, I believe that the absence of either quality is the source of most societal malaise.

Oh, there is one more thing; the dear friends, in whose home we were staying out there, were directly responsible for me getting back into photography after the six-year hiatus in which I did not pick up a camera after a grave illness. It was their love and faith that were the source of my getting back on the horse from which I had been thrown. The source, indeed.

The Source
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Meredith Ralston