Island Farm

We were out on the boat poking around the islands off the St. George peninsula, a perfect way to spend a winter day. 

One of the great things about winter along this coast is that if you can get off the mainland, the whole place is yours. 

Creative trespass rules in the winter…no one is around and you get to go wherever you want. It all adds to the experience I feel so often as a photographer, that of being an extremely privileged voyeur.

Being in a position to get intimate with people and places is a significant part of what motivates me…there’s something very sensual about that freedom. As I think about it, I realize that I was always like this, even before I picked up a camera. I used to make mind-images - “movies” if you will - with my grandfather’s naval binoculars. I would do that for hours and hours. 

I still do. With a camera, now. It’s just plain in me. As are island places like this. 

Island Farm
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Meredith Ralston