Greater Reward

Driving around Vinalhaven, I saw a few dories behind a small house.  Upon knocking on the door to ask permission for a little creative trespass, I was greeted by Isabelle Osgood, who was altogether charming and welcoming. She said that of course I could go photograph the dories, they belonged to her husband who, she revealed, had died at home the week before.

I sensed that I was a welcome intrusion…there was immediately something “there,” between us, which had us both latching right on to each other’s company.

She asked me to come in and sit for a spell. She and I chatted away before I allowed that I had tied up at the town wharf and the tide was going so would she mind if I made haste to make a few photographs of the dories?

The dories were visually interesting, but I was drawn down to the wharf and upon opening the door to the fish house, was immediately riveted by the old jacket hanging just inside…it was the perfect portrait of her late husband. 

Isabelle came in and I knew that the best possible portrait of “them” as a couple would be a portrait of her in his fish house. I think this one managed to capture her beauty, grace, strength and, maybe, just a touch of her vulnerability.

I thanked her for her grace in letting me do this, she allowing that it was nothing, just “common courtesy around here.” We then flirted each other up a bit before I allowed that I had to leave or the boat would be aground. 

I never saw her again. She died before I returned…and I will always regret not making a prompt second visit back out to Isabelle, one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever met.

I'f you'd like to see me actually making this photograph, check out "Peter's Eye," here. The Isabelle segment cues in at 10:30.

Greater Reward
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Meredith Ralston