Print Pricing

Summary – All prints are made entirely by Peter Ralston with the exception of the Bespoke Prints. Prices quoted below are for unframed prints, and do not include applicable taxes or shipping charges. We ship everywhere and charge for that service at our cost. Dimensions given are sheet sizes. Framing is available at cost.

All prices are subject to change without notice and as the collections sell thru. Taxes and shipping are not included. 

Please call Ralston Gallery for more information.

New Work Prints – are an open edition collection, characterized by their 17 x 22 inch size and by the fact that they have all been created since January, 2004.  

They are all priced at $500.

Small, Matted Prints – are printed on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets and priced at $135. 

Sightings Edition Prints – there are 64 different images printed from Peter Ralston’s 1997 book of that title, and each image is limited to 25 prints plus five artist proofs. The prints are 17 x 22 inches, numbered in the lower left corner. A number of the images are entirely sold out…please ask about details and availability.

The Sightings prints are priced as follows:

  • the first 10 prints of each image at $800
  • the next 10 at $1000
  • the next four at $1500
  • and the last one at $2000
  • Sightings Artist Proofs 1 through 3 are priced at $2500, AP/4 at  $3000, and the last, AP/5, is priced at $4000. 

The Master Prints – These 24 x 36 inch prints are a limited edition series of 25 images, personally important to the artist, each limited to 50 prints plus 10 artist proofs.

The Master Prints are priced as follows: 

  • the first 10 prints of each image at $2000 (1-10)
  • the next 5 at $2500 (11-15)
  • the next 5 at $3250 (16-20)
  • the next 5 at $3750 (21-25)
  • the next 5 at $4500 (26-30)
  • the next 5 at $5500 (31-35)
  • the next 5 at $6000 (36-40)
  • the next 5 at $7000 (41-45)
  • the next four at $8500 (46-49)
  • and the last one at $12,000  (#50)
  • AP numbers 1 & 2 at $15,000
  • AP numbers 3 & 4 at $20,000 and
  • AP 5 at $25,000

Additional images are available at this size by special request.

Wyeth Portraits–Three portraits of Andrew Wyeth were signed by Mr. Wyeth and by Peter Ralston in an edition of only ten 17 x 22 inch prints of each image. They are individually available at $6500. The same portraits in an open edition signed only by Peter Ralston are $500. Contact the gallery for a special price on all three Wyeth portraits signed by both artists.

Bespoke Prints – are custom made to the collector’s exact specifications. They are available as traditional paper prints that can be framed, as well as face-mounted on an aluminum di-bond sheet with a non-glare acrylic laminate on the print surface. They are not framed, and the print surface is approximately 1.25 inch from the wall, hung by a French cleat backing mount. The Bespoke prints are an open edition , all are signed, titled and dated by the artist. The aluminum/acrylic 31 x 47 inch size sells for $7500 and the 61.5 x 43.5 inch size sells for $9000. At the same sizes, the paper Bespoke Prints (not aluminum/acrylic mounted) are respectively $2500 and $4000. 

Arctic Observations – images are from Peter’s trip to the Arctic in the summer of 2016 and are a 17 x 22 inch Limited Edition of 25 prints plus 5 Artist proofs.

  •  1 - 10 $750
  •  11 - 20 $850
  • 21 - 24 $950
  • 25 $1200

Pairings Matted Sets – Each open edition individually-matted print and poem pair is priced at $250 for the 8.5 x 11 inch print/poem size, and $500 for the 13 x 19 inch print/poem size.

Better Angels – is an archivally matted triptych of three original 8.5 x 11 inch prints – Faith, Hope and Peace – combined with a letter press text panel in a limited edition of 44 plus 4 Artist proofs.

  • 1 – 10 $2500
  • 11 – 20 $3000
  • 21 – 30 $3500
  • 31 – 40 $4000
  • 41 – 43 $5000
  • 44 – $6000

Portfolio Pricing 

PMR with all portfolios.jpg


Pairings – Pairings is a limited edition boxed portfolio of twenty poems by Philip Conkling paired with twenty 13 x 19 inch prints by Peter Ralston. Produced in an edition of 35 with 5 Artist Proofs, Pairings is currently over half sold-out. 

The price of each portfolio is currently $7500 and will be increasing as the edition sells through. As of spring of 2018, half of the portfolios have sold.

The Master Prints – Only four of these boxed folios will ever exist. Each contains all 25 of the Master Prints Collection images. Portfolio #1/4 is currently $63,000 but will increase as the current retail prices of the prints within increase. Portfolios 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 will also be priced accordingly.

Sightings – The #4 Portfolio – This is the one and only complete and full set of the sixty-four Sightings limited edition prints in existence. The collection is housed in two linen covered museum folio boxes and is currently priced at $84,000, based upon current retail prices of the prints within. 

Wyeth - The Museum Collection – This portfolio is limited to 40 sets and 5 AP’s. Each contains twelve limited 13 x 19 inch editioned portraits of Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, plus an additional open edition print of Andrew and Betsy Wyeth at their Cushing, Maine, home. The price of the collection is currently $4000.

Again, please feel free to contact the gallery with any questions.

Prices are subject to change as collections sell thru and do not include shipping or tax.