Peter's Eye


In 2009 Peter was approached by an independent film company that wanted to make a 16-minute documentary short about how he works. That effort, Peter’s Eye, was accepted into the Camden International Film Festival in 2011.

Like the good fishermen, I’ve had to know my territory and respect the rules, be ready to take a few calculated risks when it felt right, look people in the eye, keep the gear as simple as possible, get out early & come in late, watch the sky and, above all, respect the people and place where I work.

Like my fishing friends I have spent many long hours, usually alone, often with nothing to show for a lot of work but a sense of having been there and having tried, going over the same ground again and again, often disappointed, occasionally coming back with a worthy catch to show for the endless investment of what Melville referred to in Moby Dick as ‘Time, Strength, Cash and Patience.
— Peter Ralston
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