Sundog | The Earth is Not Flat

Sundog | The Earth is Not Flat


Pairings Matted Set - This open edition print and poem set is matted and ready to frame. The paper size is 8.5 x 11 inches, and the overall, matted size is approximately 14 x 18 inches.

Philip Conkling’s accompanying poem . . .

The Earth Is Not Flat

The earth is not flat.
This we know, but only partly know.
The world keeps turning and turning,
Forward and back,
Its roundness revealed every day,
Curving into view over the arc of the bay,
As from horizon to horizon.
The pin-pricked night sky reminds us
A mother’s grace is recapitulated in her sons’
Eyes, hair, posture, laughter
In the world’s endless reproduction of
Its circular cycles.

So it was this morning
When the sun came up.
It is spring again.
In the air, in my step,
In the memory of May mornings
That rounds the loop 
Around the Point that brings us back
To where we started,
Running and walking
Toward each other 
In a spiraling circle
A long and short life ago.

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