In 2011 I launched a new edition, the 24 x 36 inch Master Prints. All Master Prints are of a limited edition of fifty, with ten artist’s proofs of each and each comes with a signed story I have written about the image. With thousands of Maine images made since 1978, I have chosen these twenty-five images very carefully, with my primary consideration being their personal significance as well as their appropriateness to the larger format.

Like all of my prints, they are hand printed by me, and are individually priced at $2,000 for the first ten prints of each image, then upwards as the edition sells into successive numbers. As of this printing, for example, Pentecost is priced at $8,500 and other images are following this arc. Please refer to our Pricing Schedule for more information on this. 

If there is an image of mine that is not currently available as a Master Print, please contact me and I will, at your request, very likely be able to make you a print of your favorite image at this size.

Please note, there are four complete sets of Master Prints available; each set contains all twenty-five prints, bearing numbers one through four respectively. Please contact the gallery for details about these museum or corportate portfolios.