Bespoke prints of  Guardians  and  River of Heaven , both at approximately 32 x 48 inches.

Bespoke prints of Guardians and River of Heaven, both at approximately 32 x 48 inches.

I am especially pleased to announce our newest offering, large – and I mean large – prints of virtually any of my work sized to almost any dimensions. The effect is powerful yet understated, contemporary, and, in the words of more than a few, ‘stunning.’
— Peter Ralston

Bespoke Prints are very special in that these large prints can be custom printed to your exact specifications. They are most frequently ordered in two “standard” large sizes, 32 x 38" and 60 x 44", depending upon horizontal or vertical configurations.  

These are most typically available face-mounted on an aluminum di-bond sheet with a non-glare acrylic laminate on the print surface. In addition, these custom sized prints are available as traditional paper prints that can be framed as you wish. The former are not framed, and the print surface is approximately 1.25” from the wall, hung by a French-cleat backing mount. Detailed installation photographs of these prints, indicating exactly how they are made and hung, are available upon request.

Bespoke Prints are an open edition and archival to museum standards. The paper prints are conventionally signed by Peter while the aluminum/acrylic prints are hand signed, titled, numbered and dated on the back.

These prints are, immodestly, gorgeous and we hope that you will come have a look. We especially welcome queries about Bespoke Prints. Please contact the gallery for information about pricing.